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Finn W. 2015

The Process


My approach is painless and simple but first, I will need to get to know the individual being portrayed. This can be achieved through conversation or a written questionnaire. We will discuss style and sizing until agreement on a visual direction. I will need photographs to work from and if you can not provide appropriate images a photo session can be arranged.


I begin by doing some quick sketches to get your feedback and make sure their will be no surprises later in the process. My working methodology is collaborative and produces portraits that truly reflect the individual.


Every portrait is completely unique, like the people it portrays. I use many different styles and techniques that help to reflect my subjects individuality.


Todays technology is amazing and it allows me creative freedom to alter my approach to each piece.  My work infuses 3D forms, unusual shapes, laser cutting and layering techniques to make each piece a dazzling original.


I create contemporary "power portraiture" for the 21st century. These portraits reflects the life and personality behind the individual being immortalized. My portraits visually reflect a contemporary lifestyle and create art that you will enjoy and admire for years.